How To Avoid Sibling Conflict Over Inheritance?

The death of a parent is devastating, and each individual has their own way of grieving and coping with such a loss.  As if these emotions aren’t enough, then comes the will and inheritance to complicate things. Research from Ameriprise has shown that 70% of sibling conflict arises over issues similar to inheritance, with [...]

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Top Reasons People Don’t Have An Estate Plan

A whopping 60 percent of Americans are not prepared with an estate plan if something happens to them.  It is understandable that planning for death is never an easy task, but the consequences that could come from not having a will are much greater. Here are some of the most common excuses why people don’t [...]

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“We Travel To You”

In today’s society, we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of balancing work life and home life that we sometimes forget what is truly important.  While it is fun to live “in the moment” and enjoy life as it comes, sometimes we must plan ahead for ourselves and those we love. One [...]

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The Estate Planning Process: Mistakes To Look Out For

One of our areas of expertise at Thornton Law Firm is estate planning.  Having an estate plan is an essential part of being proactive when it comes to you and your family’s future.  Death is not something we can predict, and it is better to have a plan in place than to leave such important [...]

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Guardianship: The Topic All Parents Should Discuss

Guardianship: The Topic All Parents Should Discuss As parents, one of our most prized “possessions” are our children.  They steal our hearts from the day they are born and we put them at the top of our priority list.  We pride ourselves in taking the best care of them. One thing that is often overlooked, [...]

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Important Items to Review and Update In Your Estate Plan

Having an estate plan is something that everyone needs, no matter their age or social status.  Sometimes we forget that an estate plans need to be updated and revised several times during one’s lifetime. I usually recommend that you review your estate plan once a year to see if updates should be made.  There are [...]

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The Most Common Items Put into An Estate Plan

An estate plan determines what will happen to your property and assets when you die or can no longer manage your own affairs.  It can be confusing and time consuming but is very important to have and can make a difficult time less stressful for those you leave behind. Here are four common items that [...]

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3 important things to prepare before meeting with an estate planning attorney

Estate planning can be stressful and overwhelming, but with some advanced preparation before meeting with an estate planning attorney, the process can be less intimidating. While no one likes to think about dying, being prepared is very beneficial to your family and can provide some peace of mind. With assistance from Thornton Law Firm, the [...]

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Most Common Estate Planning Questions

MEstate planning is not something that people think about often or even like to think about in general. Most young people haven't thought about their own immortality, and death itself is a sensitive topic. As we go about our lives and build relationships and families, we accumulate assets along the way. Whether you've just bought [...]

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How to Include Funeral Plans in an Estate Plan

While death is not a popular topic of conversation, it something that needs to be discussed when deciding to come up with an estate plan. Death is an inevitable factor of life and being prepared for it with an estate plan, which should include funeral plans, can be beneficial for your family in the long [...]

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