Financial Trends and Estate Planning: What You Need To Know

Financial trends can have an impact on more than just bank accounts. Some of these trends can have unforeseen effects on estate plans. As an estate planning law firm, we do our best to advise our Raleigh-area clients about how financial decisions can impact estate planning. Here are some tips to keep in mind [...]

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Three Times Where a Power Of Attorney Is Vital

Our Raleigh-area clients often ask us whether a power of attorney is vital. In a word, yes. A power of attorney gives a person the power to make decisions on behalf of someone else and can be very important for many reasons. Here are three instances where a power of attorney is vital: College-aged [...]

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Four Ways a Trust Can Strengthen an Estate Plan

It seems like setting up a trust is becoming more and more popular here in the Raleigh, NC area. It can be a great addition to many estate plans and one that should be considered. When created correctly, it can be a key component to an estate plan, expanding the possibilities of what can [...]

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How the SECURE Act Affects Estate Planning

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (or Secure Act) went into effect in December of 2019, affecting how people here in Raleigh can invest in retirement accounts. These changes in how people fund retirement also affect their estate plans, since retirement savings are part of a person’s assets. Here are four [...]

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Four Tips For Finding the Right Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning can be a bit of an emotional process. Facing one’s mortality, hashing out family dynamics, and setting one’s legacy can be more taxing than people think. This is why finding the right estate lawyer for a person’s unique situation is important. In the Raleigh-Durham area, there are many lawyers to choose from, [...]

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The Main Differences Between Wills and Trusts

When deciding on an estate plan, many of our clients in Raleigh and Durham, NC aren’t too familiar with the differences between wills and trusts, so it’s difficult to decide which might be best for their specific situation. How our estate is dispersed is part of the legacy we leave our loved ones, so [...]

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Three Benefits of Setting Up a Small Business

Many people start businesses but don’t think about properly and legally setting it up or they think that they’re not big enough to do it. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a side gig for extra cash or creating the next giant corporation or LLC, there are many reasons to set up a [...]

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Estate Planning FAQs

We’ve noticed that many people have the same few questions when looking into estate planning. While we are happy to talk with anyone interested in estate planning, we thought we’d answer the more popular questions that we hear a lot. Here are four of the most frequently asked questions about estate planning: When do [...]

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Three Reasons Single People Need Estate Planning

A lot of people don’t think about estate planning until they marry, and possibly not until they have kids. Singles tend to not think about creating a will, but an estate is an estate, and there should always be a plan for it. An estate plan is possibly more important for those who are [...]

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Pros and Cons of Trusts

When people hear talk about setting up a trust, they immediately picture the uber-rich, jet-set crowdfunding their wild children. That’s not quite true. A trust is a legal arrangement where ownership of assets is transferred from the owner to the trust. We’re seeing this type of estate planning tool gain more popularity here in [...]

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