Pros and Cons of Trusts

When people hear talk about setting up a trust, they immediately picture the uber-rich, jet-set crowdfunding their wild children. That’s not quite true. A trust is a legal arrangement where ownership of assets is transferred from the owner to the trust. We’re seeing this type of estate planning tool gain more popularity here in [...]

2020-05-26T15:54:36+00:00May 26th, 2020|Estate Planning|

What is the Cost Of a Will or Trust?

One of the biggest deterrents for people getting a will or trust done is the cost. There’s this perception that anything with a lawyer is going to automatically be unaffordable, but that’s not always the case. In the Raleigh and Durham areas, wills and trusts cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to up [...]

2020-05-04T14:34:30+00:00May 4th, 2020|Estate Planning|

How to Prepare a Will during Social Distancing

How are you spending your days during this time of social distancing? Many of us are taking advantage of our cleared calendars to think about those things that we never seem to get around to doing, like estate planning. Here are some ways to prepare a will during social distancing: Take care of the [...]

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Online and Teleconferencing Estate Planning Legal Services

Just about everything can be done online, through email or by teleconferencing these days:  filing taxes, requesting a birth certificate, applying for a passport online, as well as many legal services.  This is especially helpful when dealing with a situation like the current Covid-19 pandemic where most residents are employing social distancing, working from [...]

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