Estate Planning Documents College Students Need

Many students in the Raleigh area are getting ready to head off to college in a few months. With all the details of graduation, estate planning is often forgotten. After all, the students are typically still part of the parent’s insurance and care. Nothing changes, right? Wrong. Despite who pays the bills, legally, an [...]

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Why Some People Avoid Estate Planning

Even after all these years as estate lawyers in the Raleigh area, we’re still surprised that so many people avoid estate planning. We understand the hesitation, but honestly, most of the reasons can be more harmful in the long run. Here are four reasons why people avoid estate planning: Reminds them of death: [...]

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Four Reasons Why Having a Family Meeting to Discuss Estate Planning is a Smart Idea

Estate planning can be a difficult thing to navigate with loved ones, but trust us, it’s even more difficult to navigate a loved one’s death when the family doesn’t know the deceased’s plans. This is why we encourage our Raleigh clients to make sure they discuss estate plans with their loved ones. We’ll even [...]

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What if Something Happens to my Executor?

As much as we may want to plan for everything, chaos still happens. A named executor of a will is usually a normal, everyday person, so they may be unable to fill this role when the time comes. The chosen executor may pre-decease the will originator, there may be a falling out, or they [...]

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What to Know About Student Loans and Estate Planning

With so many good universities in the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham areas, student loans are a fact of life for many people around here. However, it seems that although people know it will take a while to pay off these loans, they don’t factor in how they’ll affect their estate planning. If you’re [...]

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What New Parents Need To Know About Estate Planning

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Becoming parents is one of those times in life when people begin to think about wills and estate planning. It’s strange to think about death when bringing a new life into the world, but truly, it’s a way to maintain the family legacy through generations to come, [...]

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Is Having an Estate Plan Worth It?

As estate law experts in central North Carolina, we’re often asked if having an estate plan is really worth it. Most people think that estate plans are for the mega-rich, not for everyday people like themselves. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, those who don’t have excess resources could be leaving [...]

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