How Divorce Affects Your Estate Planning

Wills and other estate planning documents are usually written so that a person’s wishes for their property are explicitly and legally documented so their assets can be distributed according to their plans after they pass away. In the face of a divorce, however, the best laid plans may all get thrown out of the [...]

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Four Things That Can Happen If You Die Without A Will

If you ask us, a will is one of the most important pieces of paper a person can own. The aftermath of a loved one’s death can throw a family into turmoil. Without a will, it’s even more devastating. 4 key impacts that can happen when someone dies without a will in place are: Loved [...]

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The Best Age To Have An Estate Plan

Estate planning is one of those adulting things that tends to be put off by many people. When is the right age to create an estate plan? The right time is as soon as possible, and it should be revisited often as life progresses. Here’s a breakdown of what estate planning goals should look [...]

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Leading Causes of Death in The United States

Millions of Americans are affected by chronic conditions each year.  In February 2018, the CDC reported the leading causes of death in the U.S. which included: heart disease, cancer, accidents, and stroke. Why is this information important to you? As a Raleigh estate planning attorney, I see many of my clients that are facing situations [...]

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How Much Does Estate Planning Cost?

When pricing out what it would cost to have an estate plan written, there are many factors to consider. We have all heard of the term, “You get what you pay for” and this is definitely an area you do not want to short yourself in. You could start out by doing a little research on your own and understand what the bare essentials of an estate plan are. Not all wills are the same and the amount of detail needed will greatly depend on each family’s unique dynamics.

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How To Avoid Sibling Conflict Over Inheritance?

The death of a parent is devastating, and each individual has their own way of grieving and coping with such a loss.  As if these emotions aren’t enough, then comes the will and inheritance to complicate things. Research from Ameriprise has shown that 70% of sibling conflict arises over issues similar to inheritance, with [...]

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Top Reasons People Don’t Have An Estate Plan

A whopping 60 percent of Americans are not prepared with an estate plan if something happens to them.  It is understandable that planning for death is never an easy task, but the consequences that could come from not having a will are much greater. Here are some of the most common excuses why people don’t [...]

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