Chad Thornton is the owner of Thornton Law Firm in Raleigh. He received both his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and his law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Thornton Law Firm offers wills, trusts, living wills, durable POAs and other end of life documents in Raleigh.  We also draft small business agreements and assist with document filings with the Secretary of State.


Thornton Law Firm travels to you on your schedule.  We will meet with clients in their homes or at a location of their choosing.  We cover the Raleigh area as well as surrounding communities and counties.


“Doing something like this is never easy. Our experience was very informative, (we learned a lot in the process) everything was explained to use so we understood, and Chad made us feel at ease talking about some hard topics. We are incredibly happy with this company and our experience and highly recommend them!”

Katrina H.

“Great experience. We had just had our first child and needed to get a will and several other important documents together. Chad came to our house after work when both my husband and I could be there. That saved us from having to bring the baby into a firm or bank. He easily explained all the paperwork, what it was for, why we might need it, and walked us through the whole process very patiently. He drafted the documents, sent them via email for us to review, and once finalized came to our house, again, to sign and notarize the files. There was also a part of the paper work that needed to be on file with the courthouse downtown. He delivered it for us and saved us a trip with the baby yet again! Quick, easy, and affordable. Highly recommend!”

Amanda H.

“Chad was wonderful to work with! First of all, he was willing to come right to our house so my husband and I didn’t have to try and entertain our two little kids while also answering questions for a will and trust. He knows his stuff and was professional, but very personable as well! And hiring him was very affordable, especially considering being a one-income family! Highly recommend him!!”

Mel M

“We had a wonderful experience with Chad. He came to our house, which was extremely convenient considering we have 3 kids. He was very patient and explained the benefits of all the different documents that we were interested in. He was very knowledgeable and helpful with the questions we had. I would definitely recommend Thornton Law Firm!”

Marybeth B.

“Chad made it so easy to get our wills and healthcare power of attorney forms completed. It was such a relief to have it done. Professional, kind, knowledgable, and flexible to work with.”

Melissa K.

“I met with Chad at The Thornton Law Firm and he did a 30 minute consultation with me at Sola Coffee Cafe last Friday. He was personable, friendly and knowledgeable. He delivered my paperwork today and now I feel a load lifted from my shoulders. Thank you Chad Thornton for helping me with this task.”

Blair F.

“Chad is awesome! Made getting this chore done very easy. He came to us and notarized too!”

Heather J.