If you ask us, a will is one of the most important pieces of paper a person can own. The aftermath of a loved one’s death can throw a family into turmoil. Without a will, it’s even more devastating.Die without a Will

4 key impacts that can happen when someone dies without a will in place are:

  1. Loved ones. The lack of an estate plan will keep your assets tied up until everything is inventoried, valued and divided. It takes a long time. If you have loved ones (including pets) who depend on you, this leaves them hanging for months or even years without the support they need.
  2. Children. If guardians aren’t designated in a will, children may be placed in foster care until a guardian can be found. This is certainly not something children need to go through in addition to the death of a parent.
  3. Funeral preferences. Burial or cremation? Even if you don’t care about your funeral plans, having your preferences in an estate plan will help those grieving through a difficult time. Not only will it be one less thing for them to worry about, but there will be no second-guessing as to whether they are properly honoring the deceased.
  4. Sentimental vs. monetary value. Some assets (like wedding china) are priceless, while others (an investment account) carry a monetary value. Of course, this is subjective. Someone might see dollar signs when they see wedding china, while an investment account could be used as a legacy fund for the whole family. An estate plan will provide an opportunity to talk to family and be on the same page about the true value of these items.

Creating an estate plan is a simple task that can save a lot of stress, confusion, and heartache for those left behind after a family member’s death. If you’d like to set up a consultation to talk about creating an estate plan in the Raleigh area, contact Thornton Law Firm.