Believe it or not, it’s almost time for another election. This year has had so much going on that an election seems to be far from many people’s minds. However, the people we elect (especially at the local level) will have a significant impact on our community. Voting is the best way citizens have to make sure their thoughts are represented in government.

Here are three ways to encourage voting in the community:

  1. Share voting information: Sometimes, people just aren’t tuned in. They may not remember to change their voter registration if they have moved recently, don’t know how to ask for an absentee or a mail-in ballot (or don’t know that it’s an option), or don’t know where their polling place is located or don’t know where to go for early voting if they want to beat the Election Day lines.  By sharing such information in-person or on social media, more people will know how to vote.
  2. Offer rides to the polls: We’ve seen neighborhoods organize shuttle-type services to make sure that a lot more of their neighbors get out and vote. It doesn’t have to be a big neighborhood outing – check in with people who may not drive to see if they need a ride. Just keep social distancing protocols in mind.
  3. Offer an incentive: Many business owners and organizations will raffle a prize for people who tag them with their “I voted” sticker. Maybe there’s something you can offer? It may not be the defining factor in someone going to vote, but having the “I voted” stickers on people’s social media feeds certainly keeps voting on their mind and makes them more likely to vote.

As estate lawyers in the Raleigh area, we see first-hand how elections can influence the community. Our judges, courts, and eventually the laws that shape our community depend on educated voters making their choices at every election, not just the presidential one. At Thornton Law Firm, we know the importance of elections and their effect on the legal system. We encourage everyone to take part in electing our leaders.