Writing a will and choosing who will get which assets when you pass away can be stressful. However, having an estate planning attorney help you write a will is much better than the gut-wrenching feeling of trying to decide who would care for your precious child(ren). Just merely the thought of having to choose someone to “take your place” as guardian is extremely uncomfortable.

Let’s look at how you can make such a difficult but extremely important decision:

* Define your ‘dream parent’: Sit down with your partner and define characteristics that a ‘dream parent’ would have. Identify key characteristics, habits, and morals that you would like for a guardian to have. Think about who you are as a parent and what qualities matter most to you.

* Choose potential candidates: Create a list of potential candidates and discuss each one in detail. Think of everyone’s pros and cons and assess how well they match up with your definition of a ‘dream parent’.

* Ask yourself questions: Put serious thought into who would be the best candidate(s) to choose for your child(ren). Ask yourself questions, a lot of questions. For example: Do you hold the same parenting style, or the same values and beliefs? Would your child(ren) feel comfortable with this person? Is he/she financially stable and able to take on another child? Will he/she be physically able to care for your child(ren)’s needs?

* Ask permission: Have an in-depth discussion with the person(s) you would like to have as your child’s guardians. Be sure that they are willing to take on such an important role and ensure they know exactly what they’re saying yes to.

* Make it legal: Once you have made your decision, consult your attorney to get necessary documents drawn up so that your choices are known and clear to the courts and everybody else.

As unnatural as it may feel, choosing a guardian is necessary to be sure your wishes are met and your child(ren) are taken care of. We at Thornton Law Firm have the knowledge and experience you’re looking for and are happy to help answer any questions you may have.