Three Reasons Single People Need Estate Planning

A lot of people don’t think about estate planning until they marry, and possibly not until they have kids. Singles tend to not think about creating a will, but an estate is an estate, and there should always be a plan for it. An estate plan is possibly more important for those who are [...]

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Online and Teleconferencing Estate Planning Legal Services

Just about everything can be done online, through email or by teleconferencing these days:  filing taxes, requesting a birth certificate, applying for a passport online, as well as many legal services.  This is especially helpful when dealing with a situation like the current Covid-19 pandemic where most residents are employing social distancing, working from [...]

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Will You Have to Pay Taxes on Inheritance?

When a friend or family member passes away, they may leave behind some of their money or property.  This is considered an inheritance.  One thing that commonly confuses people is the difference between an inheritance tax and an estate tax. An estate tax is levied on the value of a deceased person’s belongings, properties, [...]

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How to Prepare a Successful Estate Plan

Planning an estate is a thorough and meticulous process. However, when a Raleigh attorney has a detailed plan and system, it will make the process much easier. When Raleigh locals are overwhelmed with the planning process, they tend not to make a clear and concise plan. At the Thornton Law Firm, I have structured my [...]

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What to Plan for With an Aging Parent

Planning for the future is important, but what about mom and dad's future? When parents grow older, there is a good chance that someone will need to step in to handle their affairs, whatever those may be. The sooner this talk happens with parents, the better off you’ll both be. It is never too early [...]

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