How to Have Tough Estate Planning Talks with Aging Parents

Speaking to aging parents about estate planning can be an emotionally-charged topic for many people. As an estate lawyer in Raleigh, I had the honor of guiding many families through this process. While it’s never fun to think about one’s mortality, it doesn’t have to be an awful process. Here are some tips for [...]

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Four Reasons Why Having a Family Meeting to Discuss Estate Planning is a Smart Idea

Estate planning can be a difficult thing to navigate with loved ones, but trust us, it’s even more difficult to navigate a loved one’s death when the family doesn’t know the deceased’s plans. This is why we encourage our Raleigh clients to make sure they discuss estate plans with their loved ones. We’ll even [...]

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Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

There are many reasons why committed couples choose not to legally marry, but by not doing so, they may be leaving their spouse without the inheritance they intend to leave. This is especially true in North Carolina since North Carolina does not recognize common law marriage.  Therefore, it’s important for these couples to think [...]

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Five Common Mistakes in Estate Planning

As an experienced estate lawyer in Raleigh and Durham, NC, I’ve noticed some common mistakes that many people make when it comes to estate planning. While estate planning doesn’t need to be complicated, it does require thoughtfulness and thoroughness that is often better done when working with a professional. Here are five common mistakes [...]

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Common Myths about Wills and Trusts

As estate lawyers in the Raleigh, NC area, we are constantly surprised by some of the statements that are taken as facts by many people in regard to estate planning, wills, and trusts. Here are a few myths about wills and trusts: It’s only for the wealthy: Anyone who owns anything should have some [...]

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Four FAQs About Starting a Small Business

This year, we’re seeing more and more people look into starting a new business. Since we offer small business legal services, we are happy to help keep the Triangle’s entrepreneurial spirit going. Here are four FAQs we regularly get asked about starting a business: Do I need to register my business and deal with [...]

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Three Ways that the Pandemic is Affecting Estate Planning

We’re about six months into the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s safe to say that our world has changed in ways nobody could see coming. Among these changes, we've seen adjustments in how people in Raleigh, NC are approaching estate planning in light of the pandemic. Here are three ways that we’re seeing estate planning [...]

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When to Set Up An Estate Plan

As an estate planning law firm serving the Raleigh, NC area, we often get asked when someone should think about setting up an estate plan. In our opinion, an estate plan is always important, but there are some specific times in someone’s life where it’s an even better time to look into setting one [...]

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How Small Businesses Benefit the Local Economy

When talking about small businesses, don’t be misled by the word “small.” Small businesses make a huge impact on our local and national economies. These businesses are defined by having less than 500 employees. Small businesses are the backbone of America, so how exactly do they benefit our local economies? The biggest benefits of [...]

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