6 critical steps that go into the estate planning process

Estate planning is the process of deciding what would happen if unforeseen circumstances happened to you. It is important to take the necessary steps now to ensure what you want will be carried out properly. Estate planning not just for the wealthy - having an estate plan is an essential part of responsible planning [...]

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5 Common Business Law Questions

For Raleigh small business owners, there are a lot of questions that keep their mind running.  As a Raleigh small business attorney, I help small business owners navigate these questions. There are a few questions that I hear more often than other questions. In the chance that these questions could help other business owners, I [...]

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What Changes in an Estate Plan Once You Have a Baby

Having a baby is an exciting time! As new parents are adjusting to their new roles, it is important to consider revisiting the estate plan to include your new baby in your wills.  The most common reason I hear from my clients about why they have decided to have a will drafted or to talk [...]

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How to Make an Estate Plan in the Wake of Death in a Family

Planning for death is a morbid thought, but actually doing it is taking responsibility. Many Raleigh families decide that it is time to create their own estate plan after the loss of a loved one. Watching how difficult the process can be without an estate plan can be scary. As an estate planning attorney, I [...]

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